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Piano, Organ, & Accordion Lessons in Trenton, New Jersey

Make beautiful music when you take private lessons at Chiaramonti Piano School in Trenton, New Jersey. Under the tutelage of piano instructor Gary Chiaramonti, students of all ages have access to a wealth of musical knowledge and expertise, as well as a reputation in the industry that is unsurpassed.

Private Lessons in Your Own Home

From college preparatory piano courses to qualify as music majors to swing and stride jazz piano, a wide variety of piano lessons are available, including ensemble training with a rhythm keyboard. Organ and accordion lessons are also available.
Piano Keys - Piano Lessons in Trenton, NJ

Instructor Who Comes to You

Learning to play a keyboard instrument at home is the best way to do it. Instructor Gary Chiaramonti comes to your home to guide you towards mastery of a range of musical styles in private piano instruction.
These sessions are typically scheduled in 1/2-hour, once a week on a weekly basis. Gary's knowledge and patience make Chiaramonti Piano School one of the best around!
Gary Chiaramonti has been a Private Piano and Keyboard Instructor for over 55 years! His musical expertise has helped countless students with entrance to their college of choice. Whether you want to start your 5 year old with Piano or keyboard lessons, you are seeking to enhance your well-rounded resume appearance or you are 80 years old and always wished you learned how to play-Gary has the patience to teach anyone with a keyboard or Piano. The best part is his Lessons are in your own home. Offering College Preparatory Piano Courses to qualify students as Music Majors. Expertise in Jazz Improv-Stride and Swing Piano. Ensemble Training with Rhythm Keyboard. Ages 5 to 80 plus.