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About the Piano Instructor in Trenton, New Jersey

Meet Gary Chiaramonti, owner and piano instructor at Chiaramonti Piano School in Trenton, New Jersey. Whether you just want to learn how to play piano, want to improve your personal skill set, or need certification for college courses and music programs, his private piano lessons are for your personal development.

Experience You Can Trust

Gary Chiaramonti dedicated his life to teaching others and inspiring creativity through the art of music. With his passion for piano, Gary brings invaluable experience and enthusiasm to those he works with. For more than 55 years, he has been an instructor of professional piano, organ, and accordion, teaching students from ages four to 90.

Expertise You Can Rely On

Instructor and Student - Piano Lessons in Trenton, NJ
Throughout his musical career, Gary Chiaramonti has accomplished many notable achievements and developed an undisputed reputation. With dedication and a love of music, his skills have allowed him to help others achieve their own goals. Gary's expertise includes the completion and study of:
  • Hanon Piano Studies Book
  • Major & Minor Arpeggios (12)
  • Bach 15 Two-Part Invention Book
  • Major (12) Harmonic-Melodic Scales
  • Chromatic Scales Right & Left Hands (2 Octaves)
  • Chromatic Scales Right & Left Hands (2 Octaves)
Completed Piano Pieces Include:
  • Fúr Elise
  • Minute Waltz
  • Maple Leaf Rag
  • Moonlight Sonata
  • Fantasie Impromptu
  • Fantasie Impromptu