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Piano Instruction in Trenton, New Jersey

Girl Playing Piano - Piano Lessons in Trenton, NJ
Discover the world of the keyboard through piano instruction from Chiaramonti Piano School in Trenton, New Jersey. Private, at-home piano lessons are a great way to explore this wonderful instrument.

College Preparatory Piano Lessons

Get ready to learn at a higher level with college preparatory piano lessons. These lessons are suitable for qualifying students interested in pursuing college music studies and majors.

Ensemble Training with Rhythm Keyboard

Keep the beat with ensemble training on the rhythm keyboard. We show you how to play a multiplicity of voices, all on the same keys.

Expertise in Jazz Improv

It don't mean a thing if it ain't got that swing, as Duke Ellington said. When it comes to jazz piano, we agree! Take lessons in stride and swing piano to find out how you can play like Duke, Monk, Herbie, and other jazz greats.